[Sayaka Kusunoki] [TRH-04] Super Heroine Returns 04 – 2004/03/26

Starring: Sayaka Kusunoki

JAV Video ID: TRH-04

Release Date: 2004/03/26

Total Duration: 80 min

Under Emperor Hublay, Mahoo, a guy who can travel through different dimensions, makes a plan to conquer the whole galaxies. However, his design is repeatedly blocked by galaxy investigators Jada and Renee. To take responsibility of the failure to take over the earth, Oracle Borah makes the final attack. Beam missle full of Fuonjo’s destroying energy hits Jade’s ship, which causes him to lose an ability to transform. The headquarter orders him to come back to the patrol station. It will take them 421 hours to fix the ship during which Renee alone has to fight against the enemy to protect the earth. In the active volcano where there is the hideout of the enemy Fuonjo, she bravely fights solo but eventually gets captured…

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[Kana Kudo] [TJH-04] Middle-aged Heroine 04 – 2001/04/06

Starring: Kana Kudo

JAV Video ID: TJH-04

Release Date: 2001/04/06

Total Duration: 80 min

Kana was living a peaceful life with being loved by her husband. The only anxiety was that she could not have a child. On the way from the hospital with her husband with dissapointed, they were met by her father and little brother who came from her home country. Her father said ”human being despairing plan is under way somewhere in Japan.” She became tense! Yes, Kana was the Leader Red of Female Ninja Troop Go-Ryu-Five, who had saved Japan from the tentacles of evil of the devil incarnation Rip Burn after heroic fights a dozen or so years before. On smuggling the enemy for investigation, she found that the power behind this was the old enemy Rib Burn. ”Why now?” In such a doubt, swords and grudge of woman turned to her. But she was carelessly caught by the mean trap of the enemy. Beaten and humilated by the enemy soldiers, she continued to stand by her spiritual power. Her father and brother came to save her, but they also fell into the enemy’s hands. This was the start of spiritual and physical suffering of Go-Ryu-Red Kana. She was commanded to do immortal conduct in exchange of the lives of father and brother. She accepted the fate. Biting lips and frowning, she decided to stand for the world peace. Her mature body, however, was different from that of before. In spite of her heart, the body began to react. Attacked by the ecstasy as a woman, she cursed her body with enduring it. ”Oh, I can’t stand this! I’m sorry!” But she escaped and reversed taking advantage of a momentary chance. But this was not the end of the grudge of Big Burn.

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[Reiko Kikuchi] [TWG-01] Female The Dead in Hell-Female Ninja Rei – 2007/01/03

Starring: Reiko Kikuchi

JAV Video ID: TWG-01

Release Date: 2007/01/03

Total Duration: 100 min

Ninja Rei got her mother taken as a hostage. Rei rode into the enemy’s hideout and tried to take her back. But her mother had been brain washed and turned into an ugly hunger devil. Reil just couldn’t turn against her mother, and she ended up in captivity, to be subjected to the hellish molestation by the women hunger devils. ○Reiko Kikuchi, the AV idol, at last made her debut in Giga pictures. She really plays fit. ○Devilish women gang torturing Rei with milliads of tits and asses, making Rei sink in muddy slime of pleasure. ○The exciting developments of story, ending in an unexpected surprise. ○Lovely yet hellish Rei as she got raped and molested. Don’t miss it! Star player: Reiko Kikuchi, Akba Osamu’s women gang

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[Rei Haruna] [TNI-34] Ninja 34 – 2006/11/03

Starring: Rei Haruna

JAV Video ID: TNI-34

Release Date: 2006/11/03

Total Duration: 80 min

Tied on the cross, hung, and with her clothes cut up inch by inch by a sharp knife, Yuki is in a fix. ”Let’s cut you up in the cunt” At that very moment, her buddy, the first generation Captured Rose, steps in to save her. Rose has to lose her life for it, however. Now, the second generation Captured Rose, Yuki gets captured by her long-term enemy Mafu Baretsudo, who puts her to persistent, racy tortures. Her face, breast and groin are molested by a vicious whining instrument. Fumbled, molested by lowly enemies, she now faces dejection and humiliation. She’s in a fix. How will she get away?

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[Sayaka Kusunoki] [TNI-32] Ninja 32 – 2003/07/11

Starring: Sayaka Kusunoki

JAV Video ID: TNI-32

Release Date: 2003/07/11

Total Duration: 95 min

A coed in the high school has been brutally murdered in a gang rape by some high-society youngsters. A year later,those youngsters who were involved in the killing get slaughtered one by one. It is an act of retribution by a beautiful girl named Sayaka, who wants to revenge all those men responsible for the death of her sister. The remaining youngsters, loaded with money to create an assassin, Mononoke Magin, manage to get hold of Sayaka successfully. Those youngsters, vicious and brutal, molest and rape her in a gangbang. On top of the wrongdoing, they experiment on Sayaka’s body a mysterious drug X-virus. The X-virus works on her body to make her groin abnormally itching. ”Please, help me. Loosen the rope, so I can scratch my cunt!” Sayaka’s mind and body are devastated in shambles. How will justice prevail.. ?

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[Anri Kurata] [TSW-01] Space Woman – 2005/06/03

Starring: Anri Kurata

JAV Video ID: TSW-01

Release Date: 2005/06/03

Total Duration: 80 min

Space Woman is subjected to persistent screwing by the Blood-sucking Mogul, her long-time enemy. The most devastating trick is the tarantula gas, which renders the affected body area unbearably itching. So itching, but can’t be scratched away. There is no comparable pain in the whole wide world… The only cure for the pain is provided by the Blood-sucking Mogul with his scratching. It’s so humiliating… The Blood-sucking Mogul sprays the gas on Space Woman’s groin and rubs the concentrate solution of the gas into her cunt. The Mogul scratches her groin only once in a while, which provides unworldly relief and ecstasy. And, while not scratched, she is assailed with incredible twinge. Yet, she holds on to the pride of Space Woman as the heroine of justice. You’ll enjoy seeing the heroine’s frustration as she goes through her predicament.

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