[Akari Minase] [SPSA-27] Sailor Deore: Satanic Bride Corruption Ritual – 2023/03/24

Starring: Akari Minase

Video Director: Toru Sakata

JAV Video ID: SPSA-27

Release Date: 2023/03/24

Total Duration: 95 min

Hina Tsukino, aka Sailor Deore, spends her days fighting demons for peace in the human world with her boyfriend Daichi, aka Gentle Mask. One day, after defeating the demons as usual, the demon king Gurusite appears before them. Gurusite was trying to make Sailor Deore his bride for his ambitions. The two challenge Gurusite but are defeated by his overwhelming power. Captive Sailor Deore is sexually humiliated by Gurusite in the chapel of the demon world. Even Sailor Deore, who had been resisting the oncoming climaxes, has reached the end of her patience and finally succumbs to the pleasure. She chooses to become Gurusite’s evil bride and performs the marriage ceremony in front of the corpse of her lover, Gentle Mask, and her humiliating training as a bride continues… [BAD ENDING]