[Hana Kano, Miori Hara] [SPSB-02] Hermaphrodite Heroine: Fear of the Wicked Vel Maria! Toyed Kaiser Pink – 2023/10/13

Starring: Miori Hara, Hana Kano

Video Director: Tadayuki Hasegawa

JAV Video ID: SPSB-02

Release Date: 2023/10/13

Total Duration: 140 min

The witch Vel Maria plots revenge against Kaiser Pink due to her resentment. Vel Maria bites Kaiser Pink’s lower abdomen and injects poison. Kaiser Pink seemed to have escaped with Kaiser Red’s help. However, that night, Kaiser Pink wakes up and notices something strange in her lower abdomen. Kaiser Pink, who fearfully looked at her lower abdomen, was shocked. Male genitalia was growing there as well as female genitalia! Kaiser Pink realizes that it is caused by Vel Maria’s poison and heads back to the evil witch Vel Maria…She transforms into Kaiser Pink and tries to fight, but the reinforced suit is not compatible with the penis growing in her crotch, and it tightens her crotch, making it impossible for her to fight as she wants. What will be the fate of Kaiser Pink?[BAD ENDING]