[Nozomi Minami] [GHPM-91] Blu-Sailor Striker Flash – 2016/02/12

Starring: Nozomi Minami

Video Director: Unatsuki

JAV Video ID: GHPM-91

Release Date: 2016/02/12

Total Duration: 90 min

High school student agent Rin Shindo, her codename is Blu-Sailor Striker, has intercepted many plots of the evil organization by her special ability. Meanwhile, Ryona (cadre of the death squad) approaches Jyaryu (cadre of the drug cartel, Snake Fang) to recommend new developed assassinate machine. Jyaryu decides using it because his plan has been disturbed by Blu-Ssailor Striker. When Blu-Sailor Striker goes to the drug traffic site to ruin their trading, the assassinate machine Kirihito appears there. Kirihito has a great strong power. In fact Kirihito’s real identity is Syuichi Shindo who used to a highest-class agent but brainwashed and remodeled to be an assassin…[BAD END]

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