[Sakura Tsuji] [SPSA-88] Super Heroine Domination Hell57 Wild Ranger – 2023/09/08

Starring: Sakura Tsuji

Video Director: Kang-syaku

JAV Video ID: SPSA-88

Release Date: 2023/09/08

Total Duration: 90 min

The Wild Rangers, except for Wild White, have been destroyed by Uraza, the great leader of the Drueg. However, White still does not give up hope and flees from the pursuit of Nuenua and Yabalda, the executives, in an attempt to find the Holy Jade of Resurrection and bring her colleagues back to life! They unleash the Stangun-Drueg and Tessen-Drueg, respectively, and rip White to shreds with electricity and barbed wire. White does not despair at the harsh pinch of just one person. Uraza, on the other hand, deliberately let her go to find the basis for her decision…And the one who appeared in front of White, who finally found the Holy Jade of Resurrection… [BAD ENDING]


[Sakura Tsuji, Kanon Cyura] [SPSA-83] Mighty Knight Artemis 4: Immoral Newly-Married Life – 2023/08/25

Starring: Sakura Tsuji, Kanon Cyura

Video Director: Ginta Jinji

JAV Video ID: SPSA-83

Release Date: 2023/08/25

Total Duration: 100 min

Artemis accepted the proposal on the condition that she reveal her true identity and remain celibate until her contract with the goddess is lifted. One day, she shook off the frustration of not being able to kiss her loving husband and continued to confront her demons, but her abilities began to fade rapidly…Only a few days left until liberation. The last and the worst ordeal will attack the body of the new wife, Artemis! [BAD ENDING]


[Sakura Tsuji] [SPSA-77] Villain’s Secret Club: Spandexer Complete Submission – 2023/08/11

Starring: Sakura Tsuji

Video Director: tokui tenshin

JAV Video ID: SPSA-77

Release Date: 2023/08/11

Total Duration: 120 min

Spandexer Sun Angel kept the peace on Earth. One day, she prevents a certain terrorist attack from happening. However, a huge evil secret club is involved in the attack, and Spandexer is their next target. Falling into their trap, Sun Angel is invited to the Club. The Secret Club uses impersonal means to force Sun Angel into a situation of absolute submission. And Sun Angel is trained by the members of the Secret Club then…[BAD ENDING]