[Sakura Tsuji, Aina Nagase] [SPSA-33] Heroine Sisters Fallen into Evil: Birth of Bat Ranger 2023 – 2023/04/14

Starring: Sakura Tsuji, Aina Nagase

Video Director: Unatsuki

JAV Video ID: SPSA-33

Release Date: 2023/04/14

Total Duration: 135 min

The young Holy Ranger battles daily against the evil organization Gladios day and night. The eldest son, Holy Red, Ryuuya Hijirisaki, is the commander and leader. The second son, Holy Black, Shirou. The eldest daughter, Holy Blue, Runa, Himari, the second daughter and in charge of the correspondent. Their four brothers made up the Holy Ranger. Their father, Gouma, passed away in the previous battle with Gladios, and Ryuuya now leads the Holy Ranger. One morning, at a rare moment when all the siblings were together, Himari asked me to be included as a member of the Holy Ranger. The other siblings, however, took Himari lightly because she is still young and has little experience in actual combat. Then word came in that Gladios’ forces had split into three separate locations and were wreaking havoc…[BAD ENDING]